How to design a kitchen Banquette

How to design a kitchen banquette Overview

Banquettes exist in a wide range of forms and sizes, and they complement a wide range of design choices. With these guidelines, you will be capable of designing the perfect banquette.

  1. Make the best of a corner

Banquettes are typically designed for use in corners. Even if your home’s corner is not at a perfect 90-degree angle, you can still fit a banquette in there.

2. Use an underutilized wall to your advantage.

A banquette can sometimes be incorporated into a kitchen by utilizing an underused wall. This small, floating bench provides additional space and the wall can significantly work as a backrest.

3. Do not be put off by a lengthy banquette.

While the majority of banquets are a little shorter to fit into smaller settings, this does not mean that you too cannot go extensive. This one takes up the full-back wall, but it looks great next to a longer, narrow dining room table.

4. Construct a banquette around your counter.

If you do not have much room, consider incorporating a banquette into your kitchen counter. This banquette is a simple bench with a cushion, yet it works well with the oval table to maintain a tight footprint within the area.

Useful tips to consider

Consider how many people can sit at once when drafting a banquette. Per person, allow a minimum of 21 inches of table and seating width. Allow 18 inches of seating depth excluding the backrest.

The conventional table height for banquette dining is 30 inches, with an 18-inch-tall seat, leaving 12 inches between the top of the bench and the table level. Allow 3 to 4 inches of table overhang on either side of the benches. 

Set the benches back a few inches and place a heel kick on the floor below the table overlap for greater legroom.

How to make a kitchen banquette

A banquette in the kitchen not only adds architectural complexity to the space but also provides additional sitting without requiring a large number of chairs.

15 Kitchen Banquette Seating concepts for your Breakfast Nook
How to design a kitchen Banquette

Another advantage that comes with the banquette bench is you can sit directly on the wall, and you can push the table to the wall to make the area more spacious. There is no need to make room for chairs to be pushed back.

The materials you need include:

3/4-inch plywood (for the top)

Lag bolts 

Two - 2 x 4 wood

Trimmed molding

Drill, table saw, and miter saw

Brushes, rollers, and paint

The steps to make a kitchen banquette are:


The top is simply a box with a plywood base, top, and trim on the sides to contain interior supports. Trim the top’s sides with molding, and then use a metal wood file and a sander to polish the edges and corners. You could achieve this with the help of a router. You can seal all screw holes with wood putty and then sand them smooth prior to painting. Crown molding can also be used under the top to disguise the joint between the base and the top. It is merely ornamental.


Cover the front and sides with plywood. Using a jigsaw, cut the holes for the outlet.


The banquette’s base comprises a two-by-four frame. It is not secured to the floor in any manner; it simply rests on it. You can fix two 2 x 4s on the back wall, each side, one. When individuals sit on the banquette, they can support the majority of the weight of the top.


To make it easier to work, two tops connected at an angle can be united by both sides of the banquet in the corner.

With a sander, smooth the outer corners so they will not hurt someone's knee.

To finish it off, add crown molding to the top and baseboards, as well as quarter round to the foot.

15 Kitchen Banquette Seating Concepts For Your Breakfast Nook

15 Kitchen Banquette Seating concepts for your Breakfast Nook will give you valuable information about the Kitchen baguette.

Ignite your breakfast nook on the hearth with some dazzling kitchen banquette seating ideas.

Have your morning come into existence with the family by adding some benches and chairs that work smoothly together.

It offers so tons of warmth and welcoming spirits to your breakfast.

And you’ll love its vicinity with the herbal lighting fixtures by way of the home windows.

Buy a peek and maybe you’ll have somewhat of a redecorate to initiate this weekend.

HGTV showcased this tidy breakfast nook, ideal for family unit homes and people with a greater contemporary, typical outlook on domestic decor.

Nevertheless, it’s the banquette seating in this corner that definitely caught out an eye.

It’s slick, it’s chic, and its units are the precedent properly for the relaxation of the kitchen.

We like the neutral color mixture as well, dark gray, metals, and about of creamy wide create a clean floor to work with.

Over at fashion At home, we snuck a peek at this glowing, blue, and gray break-out.

We adore the L-shaped banquette seating and standard chair combination.

That you could fit so many individuals – the household plus visitors – on these benches.

Morning foodstuff or afternoon snack time just bought so an awful lot cozier and stylish.

Here’s an attractive example of a more rustic, farmhouse-trend tackle the banquette seating arrangement.

This room corner is huge and full of seasoner lighting.

There’s countless area for pleasing and everything is plush and whole of welcome attractiveness.

Jump on over to Houzz for a lot of notions like this.

Yet another beautiful instance of banquette seating within the domestic comes to us from Houzz.

This modern and a little bit of industrial area-styled house is an attractive illustration of blending all of the first-rate aspects but staying standard at the same time.

Neutrals, textures, and the appropriate pop of yellow are available properly to create a space.

That the total household can and may enjoy.

If you don’t have loads of areas to work with.

Then this concept from Create Full Circle could be exactly what you need to spark some proposal.

Settled between two hutches comes this lovable bench seat.

That’s complemented properly through the studded stools and picket table.

It’s an outstanding thought for people who just like the concept of banquette seating preparations.

However not a great deal of room to work with.

check out this peek into an additional family-style area from Pinterest!

That banquette seating fits nicely with the quaint, antique-trend wooden desk and provides a pleasant distinction to the rest of the minimal room.

There’s even sufficient square footage to add some metallic chairs or stools within the mix as neatly.

In case you’re inspired by means of a mid-century modern think.

Then this is the banquette seating which will strike your fancy.

Once again, Houzz offers up the appropriate concept and this one oozes posh vibes.

We’re loving the navy and camel-color combination as neatly.

Galley kitchens will also be a lot more challenging to trend and envision.

Fortunately, Remodelista had this one up their sleeve.

Placing some small bench seats in a nook will create a brilliant charming breakfast passage for you and your loved ones.

It additionally makes the most fulfilling afternoon espresso and homework house too!

HGTV all the time has exquisite finds and that’s the case for this bright-impressed setup too.

This banquette seating went all out with its turquoise and lime to dup.

The bout of coral and yellow desk basically turn this beauty into the ultimate

Right here’s one more ingenious technique to include the vogue of banquette seating into a smaller space.

Try this fascinating nook delivered to us by means of Nesting with Grace!

A small bench, a marble tabletop, and a couple of chairs create the most cottage-impressed and charming part on the checklist.

If you’re into chicer, extra female areas.

And ones that have a punch of cottage aptitude than this scene from home reviews A to Z could be right up your alley.

Pastel cushions and throw pillows highlight the seats with a mix-matched style that raise its fashion.

This mix is an extremely fun option to decorate.

Then once more, a lot of you may be on the hunt for whatever on the greater household-social and conventional facet of issues.

This storage-concerned banquette seating from home Depot suits that bill properly.

And this specific setup has a recent air about it.

Check out this monitor we discovered over on Pinterest! a further-large banquette trend sits down nestled into the nook of your spacious kitchen.

It’s really luxurious. we love how clean this specific design is as neatly.

With the impartial, beige tones and the pop of mustard yellow, it’s a refreshing suppose.

try this tremendous funky nook from Create Full Circle!

If you’re hunting for something trendy and a but outdoor-the-container, create some new cushions for your benches.

It’s a straightforward update and it’ll look splendid along with your up-to-date furnishings choices.

Eventually, over a house remedy, we discovered this peek into an attractive, white-schemed kitchen.

And it too had a chapter full of breakfast vibes and banquette seating.

Blended with some wood seats and an elegant white desk, it’s a killer mixture of textures and hobbies.

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