How to fix kitchen sink drain problems (Step by step)

How to fix kitchen sink drain problems (Step by step)

A clogged sink can be a disaster because you get a lot of dirty dishes, and you can’t even cook until the drain is clear. How to fix kitchen sink drain problems?

If your sink water is running slowly or not at all, follow these steps to drain the drain and re-equip your kitchen to work without using harmful chemicals.

By following the below steps, you will have a chance to fix kitchen sink drain problems.

  • Make a drainage solution. Mix 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup vinegar. The solution will froth shortly after mixing the ingredients, so be sure to make it in a slightly larger container.
  • Pour the solution into the drain. Quickly pour the entire amount of solution into the drain. The faster, the better, as the foamy part of the solution will gradually disappear.
  • Wait 5 minutes. Give the solution time to clean the drain.
  • Rinse with warm water. Unscrew the faucet and rinse the solution with warm or hot water. The clogged should disappear and the water should flow down the drain as normal.

If this does not work out at first, try it a few more times. Also, try pouring boiling water.

How to fix kitchen sink drain problems

Sometimes boiling water will be sufficient to dissolve the blockage that has formed in the drain.

Before doing this, pick up all the water from the sink, otherwise, the solution will not drain completely. If there is water in the sink, pick it up with a cup or a container.

To remove water from the sink, it may be better to use a short hose or rubber hose. Put one end in water in the sink and the other in a bucket or a pan on the floor.

Pull-on suction with your mouth at the lower end of the hose to allow water to flow down the hose.

The water will still flow after you stop pulling, despite it having to go uphill at the very beginning of the hose to get out of the sink.

fix kitchen sink drain problems

Just be sure to remove the hose from your mouth before the water reaches that end of the hose. This will help you draw water faster than using a pot.

Drain release agents can be dangerous for you, your family, your pipes, and especially the environment, so it is best not to use them at all. Check out plumbing tools for the kitchen drain here on Amazon.

However, if the above method does not work and you want to try some of the advertised products, be sure to read the warnings on the product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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