Best Location for Garbage Can in Kitchen

Best Location for Garbage Can in Kitchen Overview

Before preparing the most delicious meals, you should ensure that your kitchen is organized and neat. What is Best Location for Garbage Can in Kitchen?

You need to ensure that the bin is in a location that all members of your family and visitors can easily locate it.

Best Location for Garbage Can in Kitchen

You do not need to make full kitchen renovations to make it more organized. You can read below to figure out the best location for a garbage can in the kitchen.

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Indoor Garbage Can Storage Ideas

• Consider the Layout- You should ensure that the food in your kitchen is safe from contamination.

You can keep the cans at a safe distance from the cooking and cleaning area. For a portable trash can, you can move around with it to make your work easier and reduce spillages.

Best Location for Garbage Can in Kitchen

For a small kitchen, you can keep the trash cans outside at a point that you can easily access.

• Use two cans simultaneously- The kitchen is rich in the amounts of wastes collected daily.

You should have separate cans to hold different types of kitchen wastes. The recyclable and reusable pieces can go into one piece while food particles go in the other garbage can.

Two or more cans are also efficient in the management of trash in a large household.

• Under Sink Garbage Can with Lid- hiding the garbage can under the sink allow you to keep the kitchen and more organized.

The lid helps to prevent the escape of scents produced by the contents of your garbage can.

You can include two or three garbage cans with lids under the sink to make the cleaning process simple.

• Use Built-in Bins- Built-in bins are efficient in keeping the room tidy and beautiful. Your garbage bin can be fitted on the door of your cabinet.

A countertop can also come with a lidded waste shoot keeping the bin well-hidden underneath.

• Hide Recycle Bin Kitchen- By recycling, you ensure that the environment is kept safe from pollution.

The recycle bin in your kitchen can be hidden under the sink to make it easily accessible.

The bin can also be placed outside the kitchen if you do not have adequate space.

Kitchen Rubbish Bin Ideas

• Mat for Under Garbage Can- A mat under the garbage can ensure that your rubbish bin does not make the room dirty.

If you put in any wastes with liquids, the mat can dry up the fluids dropping around the can. It also limits the movement of the bin as you are adding trash.

• Empty the trash daily- You are advised to take out your rubbish at least daily to keep your kitchen clean.

Always ensure that the trash can is clean before you put it back.

Best Location for Garbage Can in Kitchen

Try using biodegradable bin liners and disinfectants at least once a month to make it clean in and outside.

You can use polythene bags on the inside to make the garbage disposal much easier.

• Recycle and reuse- the kitchen has lots of products that you can recycle from food products to non-edible products like bottles.

To save the environment, you should purpose to reuse and recycle to reduce the chances of having wastage of resources.


The best location for a garbage can in a kitchen differs from one person to another.

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You should also ensure that members of your household are aware of individual roles to be played in keeping the house clean.

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