Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice

Having one of the Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice can make your life easier when it comes to cook rice at home.

As you seek to find the best rice cooker for brown rice, you should understand the key features of the cooker.

Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice

The wide variety of rice cookers can cloud your judgment and hinder you from getting the best cooker for brown rice.

The information below guides you as you make the first and subsequent purchase of a rice cooker.

What to Look for When Buying Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice

Size– The capacity of your rice cooker is vital. You can choose a cooker depending on the size of your household.

Manufacturer– Most of the best rice cookers are from Japan. While shopping, you should have the Japanese cookers at the top of your list to get a durable and efficient product.

Extra features– An ideal rice cooker should help be able to prepare other food like stem vegetables or baking a cake. A multigrain cooker allows you to cook with a mix of rice.

Ease of programmability– you should get a rice cooker for brown rice with auto on/off, and heating feature to keep your delicacy hotter for longer.

Heating technology– Get a rice cooker using the induction heating and fuzzy technology to change the heat slightly depending on the food that is in preparation.

Warranty– The warranty of your rice cooker depends on the terms and conditions of the manufacturer. A longer warranty ensures that you get to use the machine without much worry.

Ease of cleaning– keeping your rice cooker clean is your top priority at all times. It would be best if you got a cooker with a removable lid and detachable parts to make the cleaning easier.

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Can Basic Rice Cooker Prepare Brown Rice?

Basic rice cookers mainly used in the preparation of white rice. However, if you get a basic one with fuzzy logic and multigrain capability can cook brown rice.

You can use the accurate ratio of water to rice to ensure that your meal is edible

Can Induction Rice Cooker Prepare Brown Rice?

The induction rice cooker is highly efficient in the preparation of rice by using the fuzzy logic and induction heating to prepare your brown rice.

The induction rice cookers can be quite expensive but are highly efficient in the preparation of brown rice and other delicacies.

Below are some of the top best rice cooker on the market

The only appliance you need in your kitchen: COSORI Slow Cooker

I told my husband I didn’t need another electronic device in my kitchen but he went ahead and bought the COSORI Slow Cooker anyway and the whole family loves it! I adore the 11 cooking options which everyone can use, from sauteing to baking, it’s the perfect all-rounder.

I love chucking things in before I leave for work and set it for dinner. By the time I come home, the house will be filled with an aromatic fragrance and a hot meal waiting for everyone.

The COSORI Slow Cooker made Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner a breeze, not only did I easily roast my veggies and steam my potatoes, the COSORI Slow Cooker is a dream to clean, thanks to the non-stick cast aluminum interior pot.

The only downside to this marvelous invention is that they didn’t make it bigger! I would love to be able to stuff my turkey into the COSORI Slow Cooker.

But I am 100% satisfied with this buy, even if it was my husband who bought it. Lads, if you want to impress your wives, this is Valentine’s gift she actually wants!

Instant Zest Rice Cooker, Grain Maker, and Steamer, 8 Cups, Cooks Whit

Getting the best rice cooker is something that most customers hope to get, and the manufacturers try their best to ensure they provide customers with the best product in the market.

Instant Zest Rice Cooker is one of those products that are highly sought after. So, let’s take a look at what makes it worth your money.

Product description

The Instant Zest Rice Cooker comes with four smart programs that make cooking rice to fluffy perfection very easy. Additionally, you can also use the Instant Zest Rice Cooker to steam your veggies, fish, etc. with just a push of a button.

Key features

Instant Zest Rice Cooker made of stainless steel and has an extra thick inner pot that does not contain a stick ceramic coating to ensure you have better and even cooking.

The device also comes with built-in protection against overheating and has a power rating of 120-volt 60 hertz power supply.


� It can keep food warm for up to 10 hours just as a standalone function and can go up to 12hours if used in conjunction with Smart programs.

� The interface is straightforward to navigate for new users.

� Gives consistent results


� Prone to water sputters and overflowing during cooking, making a mess.

� The lid and gasket are not removable, making it difficult during cleaning.


The Instant Zest Rice Cooker is the perfect option for customers who are looking for a simple, compact, efficient rice cooker. It is also especially useful for customers living in dorms, small apartments as it can cater for one or two people.

Midea Multi Cooker Rice Steamer

I’m a college student living in a dorm, so there is not really a kitchen where I can cook on.

I really like rice, but instead of paying extra to go to a restaurant ordering rice, I decided to buy the Midea Multi Cooker Rice Steamer. I love how simple and quick it is.

I only need to put in rice and water and it perfectly cooks into some nice and steamy fluffy rice.

The cooker can also cook a variety of other foods other than rice such as a slow roast. I also a huge capacity, although I don’t need it, so it is also good for a family or party.

I also like the quality and material used for this. It comes insulated in five materials so the rice cooks quicker.

This is probably one of the best purchases I made for my dorm. It is definitely worth it.

Best Rice Cooker

In this article we will be taking a look at the Aroma Housewares 20 cup cooked (10 cups uncooked) Digital Rice Cooker sold on amazon.

Product description

This rice cooker is cheap and affordable and can serve many purposes. With this rice cooker, you will be able to cook jambalaya, rice, and veggies or even fluffy cake.

This rice cooker also offers many different types of cooking features. You can choose to have your meal steamed or even slow-cooked to provide a nice rich taste.

Key Features

Some key features of this product include that it has a 20-cup cooked capacity.

This rice cooker is capable of cooking anywhere from 4 to 20 cups of rice. This rice cooker not only performs great but is also extremely simple to use.

It offers user-friendly controls including a switch that will allow your food to stay warm after cooking is complete.


The first thing to note is that it has a very nice design to it. This product is also great to use since it is easy to operate and provides a nice healthy meal.

Reviewers have said that this product is a good size and also that it does not burn the rice.


Some people have mentioned that their product has either come defective or has stopped working over a few months.

This is in rare instances and is unlikely. However, if it comes defective it can be returned to Amazon for a refund or a replacement.

If it stops working after a few months then it should be covered under warranty by the supplier.

In conclusion, this product is a great option to go with if you are interested in cooking rice or other healthy meals with ease.

ZOJIRUSHI nS-zCC10 5–1/2–Cup (uncooked Rice Cooker Neuro-Fuzzy and War

This Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 is an amazing rice cooker with a capacity of 1 L (perfect for a family of 4) that will allow you to cook 5 cups of uncooked rice at a time!

This beautiful rice cooker allows cooking not only rice but also eggs or desserts as it comes with many different settings.

This machine is perfect for any kind of rice: round, jasmine, basmati or brown it will deliver a lovely cup of fluffy, soft perfectly cooked rice that will have you come back for more.

In addition, the lifespan of this machine is wonderful: it will last you over 5 years with care and you can even purchase an additional guarantee, which is amazing for a machine this reasonably priced!

If you are looking for a good, convenient, compact and reliable machine that will deliver results for a good price, this is it! Try it and you won’t regret it!


While shopping for the best rice cooker for brown rice, you should be willing to spend a reasonable amount.

You can follow the guidelines above in finding the best cooker for your brown rice. You can crosscheck the prices of available cookers to land at the best one for you.

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