How to Clean Kitchen Fast (Tips and Tricks)

Tips to clean a kitchen quickly

How to Clean Kitchen Fast (Tips and Tricks)

The kitchen is one of the most important and busy places in a house, people cook, talk and maybe even eat there. If you know, How to Clean Kitchen Fast, can speed up your work.

For these reasons, it is of utmost importance keeping it clean and tidy, we will share some good and useful tips on how to clean a kitchen fast so it won’t become a hassle

The first one maybe a little too unexpected, but placing a timer can be really useful on this cleaning task because you will be under a time limit and will help you to not lose focus if you are taking it seriously, twenty-five minutes is a good time limit, with practice and once you get used to it, the time will decrease and you will be doing it faster. Check out this good kitchen towel here.

Another key aspect to not lose time is organization and finishing one thing before starting another, you should not stop doing the dishes to take out the trash and things like that because it can cause unnecessary stress and a mess in the kitchen and your schedule.

It is better to put everything in place, throw away envelopes, wraps and food leftovers (if they’re bad, otherwise store them in the fridge) in the trash and then clean the dishes.

Try following this order and you will probably see positive results

Kitchen Fast (Tips and Tricks)

Considering not everyone is lucky enough to have an automatic dishwasher machine this tip is useful as well.

Clean in different groups of items, dishes first, then pots, then silverware, etc. It is much easier like that instead of doing it disorganized

If for some reason, something is stuck on a pot (a good example is rice), it is better to let it soak for some minutes with some dishwashing liquid, it can work wonders

Once the dishes are done and the trash is taken out, it is time to clean the remaining parts of the kitchen, that’s the table, the floor, and the microwave if any.

By the way, this part can be done outside of the time limit as it may take more time depending on what you have. At least the floor should be cleaned

Last but not least important, one neat trick to remove stains from almost everywhere is using sodium bicarbonate diluted in water, it is almost magic

Now, knowing all of this, you have a great advantage next time you feel the need to clean your kitchen

Clean Kitchen Checklist

Keeping your kitchen clean is a top priority in creating a relaxing home environment.

Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your kitchen clean each day.

Clean Kitchen Fast (Tips and Tricks)

#1 Put Dirty Dishes in Dishwasher

Keeping your dishes clean is important, and it is never a good idea to let your dishes stay out on the counter for a lengthy period.

Always putting your dirty dishes in the dishwasher will keep the kitchen much cleaner.

#2 Wash Out Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink can get dirty over time, and it is essential to wash it out on a regular basis.

A clean kitchen sink will even make you feel much better compared to having a dirty sink.

#3 Wipe Up Spills on Counter & Floor

Wiping up spills immediately is critical in keeping your kitchen well-maintained and creating a much cleaner environment for your entire family. Check out this multi-surface cleaner here on Amazon.

Following these tips is an excellent way to keep your kitchen clean at all times!

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